Power ranking the best beards in the MLB playoffs

2. Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs


Credit: Charles LeClaire / USA Today Sports

Jake Arrieta is a savage, but you already knew that. His performance in the NL Wild Card round only served to reinforce the fact that Arrieta, who was given up on by the Baltimore Orioles is really, really good at pitching. Over his past 97.1 innings on the mound, Arrieta has allowed a whopping total of four earned runs. Four! Then there’s the fact that after the Pirates threw at Arrieta he promptly stole second base on the very next pitch. Savage behavior for sure.

The beard is great, super luxurious, thick and shiny. This is one of those beards done right, which is hard to do for many. My wife (obviously faithful to me) would very much like Jake Arrieta to take her out on a nice sushi date or perhaps prepare her some s’mores over a nice open fire. The length isn’t super obnoxious and doesn’t totally distract from the overall appeal of this savage wildman. Arrieta is an American hero, with a beard worthy of a hero.

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