Power ranking the best beards in the MLB playoffs

1. Jason Heyward, St. Louis Cardinals

Credit: USATSI

Heyward might be a shocking choice for the top beard in the postseason, but he’s earned it. The former member of the Atlanta Braves has excelled in his first season in St. Louis. He is back to showing the massive potential that was on display during his rookie season in 2010. The Cardinals had to deal with a ton of injuries this year, but Heyward was a constant presence in their lineup for 154 games.

Why is this the top beard in the postseason? Well, let me tell you.

This a beard all men should aspire to achieve (should it be your goal to allow your facial hair follicles to express themselves). Heyward’s beard looks like it was carefully painted on by the divine hands of the gods. It’s neat and clean and groomed nicely, but doesn’t scream, “I love my beard more than life itself” or “My identity and self worth is my beard.” Instead, what this effortless look tells me is that Jason Heyward is a thoughtful man who likes to read by the fire and try new recipes in the kitchen with his lady. He takes care of himself, but he will also take care of you

Hats off to you good sir, you are doing everything right.

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