Power ranking the best beards in the MLB playoffs

8. Jonny Gomes, Kansas City Royals


Credit: Jamie Squire / Getty Images North America

Gomes is already a postseason fan favorite, but he’s not on the Kansas City Royals 25-man roster for the ALDS. Gomes struggled to a .213 batting average this year, and is not much more than a role player/glue guy at this point in his career. Maybe Gomes will make the cut if the Royals get to the ALCS.

The 13-year veteran has trimmed his beard back a little bit from its peak with the Boston Red Sox in 2013. This beard is totally uneven like a right-handed child used scissors for a left-handed child and went to town while Gomes was napping. This suggests that Mr.Gomes doesn’t care about his beard as much as we think and should thus, shave it all off.

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