Power ranking the best beards in the MLB playoffs

7. Justin Turner, Los Angeles Dodgers


Credit: Victor Delcongon / Getty Images North America

It took awhile, but Turner has finally established himself as an everyday Major Leaguer. When Turner’s actually been given the chance to play in his seven-year career, he’s done nothing but hit. The utility infielder has batted .314 over the past two years with the Dodgers, and helped keep the lineup turning over as the team battled injuries for much of the year.

That beard though?

Now I understand Turner is probably really proud of his beard, but it looks like a strange mixture of a duck bill and a grandmother’s sun visor. When you really look at it, the color and the general flow of his hair are reminiscent of a dust storm in the desert blowing out across the landscape. Camels be freaking out and looking for shelter.

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