Power ranking the best beards in the MLB playoffs

6. Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros


Credit: Bob Levey / Getty Images North America

So, I’m sure I’m going to catch some heat for ranking the 20-game winner this low. The left-hander went 20-8 this year, and has already earned his postseason stripes after shutting down the Yankees in the Wild Card game. Keuchel might win the AL Cy Young, but that beard is questionable.

I know Keuchel works hard on that thing that covers his face, but come on. This beard is not my favorite. I’m dubbing this the cereal box beard — basically, it looks like he covered a cereal box in hair and attached it to his ear and nostrils. Keuchel has got a lot going for him in the looks department, but the box beard that resembles a guillotine has got to be reined in.

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