Power ranking the best beards in the MLB playoffs

5. Kelvin Herrera, Kansas City Royals


Credit: Ed Zurga / Getty Images North America

Herrera was a stud out of the bullpen in the playoffs for the Royals last year, and also earned an All-Star nod this season. Herrera is the perfect ringleader for a Royals bullpen that is more than willing to dispense vigilante justice. Just ask Brett Lawrie.

We are now moving into the top half of the power rankings. Though Herrera behaves at times like the bearded hooligan that MLB owners fear, this beard is an improvement on the bottom half of the list. While, yes, this beard is ranked higher on the list, it has its flaws. Thick on the bottom, invisible on top? This is a look that high school football players wear (and maybe the cocked-hat Herrera isn’t that far removed from a high schooler), and it should stay that way. Advice — grow the lip stache to go with your thick and healthy man beard…otherwise, looking good my friend.

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