St. Louis Cardinals, Postseason Villians?

This October, many of the teams are going into the 2015 playoffs for the first time in over 10 years, and many baseball fanatics have themselves rooting against the experienced St. Louis club ran by Mike Matheny. Teams like the Blue Jays that are bursting on to the scene from the bleak AL East; or the Astros, who had not planned on being in contention as they double booked their stadium in October. The Astros, who won their 2nd consecutive playoff game last night, have not had a taste of October ball since the days of Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell, so these fans are a little anxious. As for the Blue Jays, they have not been in the playoffs since 1993. This was the year Joe Carter put the Jays on the map, also the year I was born, which puts it into perspective for me since I’m turning 22 this October. I think the Blue Jays were well overdue. Pretty crazy that the Royals and Rangers will most likely be over looked in their postseason runs as all these other teams have jumped on to the scene.

For the National League, you have the Chicago Cubs, and yes, you read that correctly, the Chicago Cubs. Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon have something special going on with that team — a team full of youth and excitement. The Cubs hope to break the curse this year, but they will have to do it without Henry Rowengartner and Chet Steadman, instead they must turn to Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester.


“Opening Day at Wrigley, and oh what a sight! The diamond, the decorations, and the dread of yet another losing season.” – Rookie Of The Year (1993), Film


Another team to look out for would be the New York Mets. This team has a huge task facing the Los Angeles Dodgers, as they face Clayton Kershaw and Zack Grienke. Those two could put them at a 0-2 deficit real quick if they don’t bring their A-game in this series. The Mets really took off after they acquired Yoenis Cespedes. His play got people thinking and wanting him to win the NL MVP after putting the Mets on his back in the manner he did, pure domination at the plate. Jacob deGrom hopes to put his team on his back in game one Friday night. A game that is well worth your watch, even if you’re watching on the east coast with the late 9:45 start.

In no way do I hate the St Louis Cardinals, but for the game of baseball, I think it’s great to see some new faces in October, and I think it’s time to for some of the new faces to show their worth and take down the veteran Cardinal team. This is the same reason why I didn’t want the Yankees making it past the Wild Card round. Seen that, done that, time to move on.  If there is no Mo, then it’s a no go. Time to advance into the next chapter. No matter how many injuries the Cardinals got, they kept on winning, kept on grinding. I realize the more I write about the Cardinals the more I begin to like them again. Even with that being said, they did win 100 games this year and they were the top dog, or the top bird, which ever you prefer. They will be the hunted during this postseason if they do advance past the Chicago Cubs. It’s up to the young guys to take down this Cardinal club, led by a healthy but injured fearless leader Yadier Molina, who won’t let his team lay down without a fight. So let’s go Major League Baseball, make this an October to remember.

Key pitcher and position player for each team.

Texas Rangers

Toronto Blue Jays

Kansas City Royals

Houston Astros

Chicago Cubs

St Louis Cardinals

Los Angeles Dodgers

New York Mets

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