Cubs-Cardinals Game 2 Preview

Not long after a tremendous Game 1 between these two rivals, the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals are set to go back at it again in Game 2 at 5:30 EST. For the Cubs, Game 2 is realistically a must-win situation. Going down 2-0 against the Cardinals is a place no one wants to be, considering Chicago would have to roll off three straight wins against the best team in baseball. If the Cubs do drop Game 2, I’d imagine they will turn to their ace, Jake Arrieta, to save the season in Game 3.

Game 2 is going to be an immense test for the Cubs. One of their biggest weaknesses is their starting rotation depth, as there is a pretty significant drop from Jon Lester to Kyle Hendricks. Kyle Hendricks isn’t a bad pitcher, but he fits more of the #4 or #5 starter mold rather than a #3. He’ll match up against a very formidable lefty in the form of Jaime Garcia. Garcia battled injuries all year, but was his usual consistent self when he was healthy. The pitching matchup is easily advantage to St. Louis, meaning the Cubs bats are going to have get going to keep them in this series. With a lefty in, the Cubs are going to be presenting a right-handed-heavy lineup. The Cardinals will counter with a similar lineup. The only change is the destroyer of righties,  Brandon Moss coming in for Randal Grichuk. Here are the lineups:

Cubs                                                                                            Cardinals

  1. Fowler                                                                                 1. Carpenter
  2. Soler                                                                                    2. Piscotty
  3. Bryant                                                                                 3. Holliday
  4. Rizzo                                                                                   4. Heyward
  5. Castro                                                                                 5. Peralta
  6. Jackson                                                                              6. Moss
  7. Montero                                                                             7. Molina
  8. Hendricks                                                                          8. Wong
  9. Russell                                                                                9. Garcia

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