Toronto Blue Jays: Adversity Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

The World Series favorite, Toronto Blue Jays are down 0-2 in the ALDS and sit on the brink of being eliminated. All the hype, the talk and the star-studded line up could fade into a heartbreaking end of the season.

No one wants to go home. No one wants to win the impossible AL East and then get swept the week after. The party should just be getting started after 22 years away from the postseason.

In the history of the ALDS, only two teams out of 27 have come back from an 0-2 hole, one of them being the 2012 World Series Championship winning San Francisco Giants. The Blue Jays face an uphill battle and need to play it one inning at a time. Toronto has won three or more in a row 12 times this season and out of those 12, two have been 11 game win streaks. The season is not over — not even close.

If the exciting regular season that just passed has taught Blue Jays fans anything, it is that this team can never be counted out. They prove us wrong time and time again. Who saw Dioner Navarro hitting a game-tying home-run of Andrew Miller in the 9th inning? Who saw the Jays come back from an eight-game deficit in the AL East after the All-Star break. Who saw Marco Estrada (Game 3 starter) almost throw two perfect games, in back-to-back starts. Who saw Josh Donaldson hitting a three-run home run in the bottom of the ninth to lift the Jays over Chicago, down two in the ninth. And most importantly, who saw Marcus Stroman come back from a torn ACL and surgery in six months to pitch on the biggest stage of all time.

This season was magical, and before giving up all hope on Canada’s team, lets give them Sunday. Let’s watch the underdog of the season, a top-10 in ERA and someone the Jays season relied on react to adversity. Let’s see how this All-Star packed lineup handles having their backs pressed up against the wall. Let’s see if Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki can lift them up. This is a best of five series, not a best of two.

Don’t give up Toronto, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The Blue Jays took two of 3 in Texas in August, and their lineup has yet to get in its groove. Rangers Park in Arlington is a hitter-friendly, Blue Jay friendly park.

Adversity fuels the fire in every player. Blown calls, bad strike zones and bench clearing altercations can only prove to help the Jays. They’re a fighting team, they’re a proud team, and being swept is not on their agenda. It is not something they envision happening. Big time players come out and do big time things when it matters most. Let’s see if these Jays can pull of the remarkable.

The season is far from over. Don’t lose hope on the boys you fell in love with this summer. Wear your jersey proudly, keep talking about the AL MVP, keep talking about David Price. They are big time players and they will show you why.

We’ll see you back in Toronto for Game 5.

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