7 Reasons Why the Blue Jays Can Come Back

Down two games to none in their ALDS matchup against the Texas Rangers, things look bleak for the Toronto Blue Jays as they attempt to win a playoff series in their first appearance in the postseason since 1993. Only two teams have ever come back from a two-game hole since the Wild Card era began in 1995 — the 1995 Seattle Mariners and the 2012 San Francisco Giants. The Blue Jays have the pieces in place to make a big comeback, but can they? There is certainly a chance.

Here are seven reasons why the Toronto Blue Jays can make an epic comeback against the Texas Rangers.

Win Streaks

The Blue Jays are no strangers to stringing wins together. Since the trade deadline, Toronto has won three straight on four different occasions, as well as two five-game winning streaks, and who can forget their 11 straight wins from August 2 to August 13. Three in a row may be nothing for this high powered offense.

Martin Perez will pitch for Texas

One step to coming back is taking it one pitch, one at-bat, and one inning at a time. Josh Donaldson is poised for a big night against the 24-year-old left-hander, as he has gone 5-13 against Perez with three doubles and a home run to boot. Perez has also walked 24 batters against 48 strikeouts, while the Blue Jays are arguably the most patient team in Major League Baseball, boasting a 10.2-percent walk rate and .354 on-base percentage. Perez is 3-6 with a 4.46 ERA this season. The Blue Jays just need one break out game to feel like they are back in this series. Perez is the type of pitcher the Jays can beat up on and flip momentum back their way.

Down But Not Out

Remember when the Blue Jays were 50-51 and 8.0 games back of a division title? Do you remember where they finished? This team has fight, they have passion, and they love the city and management that they play for. Toronto has been down before, they know the feeling, and have successful experience battling back.

Road Kings

Traveling teams have absolutely owned the postseason in 2015. Visitors are outscoring home squads 38 to 27 so far in hostile territory, and have won seven out of the ten games played in October. Arlington may fair well for the Blue Jays based on these numbers. Additionally, the hitter friendly ballpark the Rangers call home could benefit the Blue Jays powerful lineup.

The 2012 San Francisco Giants got it done and then won the World Series

If Toronto fans are looking for a team that has come back from a two game deficit to have success, look no further than the 2012 Giants. Over the first two games of the NLDS, San Francisco was outscored 14-2 by the Cincinnati Reds, only to win three straight and go on to take the World Series.

David Price will figure it out

The man who is ready to receive one of the highest paid contracts in MLB history from a team ready to dish it out has had a poor showing in the postseason. If the Blue Jays do end up winning tonight, David Price may throw on short rest tomorrow if he isn’t used out of the bullpen. Nonetheless, Price needs to produce only for Toronto, but for himself. I’m not sure if a team will be ready to throw a massive contract to a player who has yet to perform in the postseason. In my humble opinion, the 30-year-old needs a successful start to show he can get it done when it counts in order to get paid.

Joe Carter believes

If legendary home run hitting, Webber Naturals endorsing Joe Carter believes in this team, then you should too.  

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