Players react to Chase Utley’s hard slide

When Jonathan Papelbon choked Bryce Harper a few weeks ago, baseball players reacted in mixed fashion. Surprisingly, most found a way to side with Papelbon, citing some sort of unwritten rule or proper way to play the game. Last night, when Chase Utley, a veteran player well-loved and respected around the league, delivered a hard, possibly dirty, slide into Ruben Tejada, professional baseball players past and present also weighed in.

Most players stayed away from delivering a hot take on the matter, but here are a few reactions from last night by Major League Baseball players:

— Jerry Hairston, Jr. (@TheRealJHair) October 11, 2015


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  1. Gabriel Acevedo

    I echo what Justin Upton said “if Ruben Tejada was a superstar SS, the rule is changed, tomorrow!”

    cant be anymore succinct than that, And truth be told, I wouldnt like the play if Chase was my teammate, either. Why do I say that?..well, its the playoffs, so Matt Harvey may or may not ‘bean’ Utley two days from now. If it was a regular season series, you can bet money, Harvey does a little headhunting..and he may or may not go after Utley…maybe he he goes after someone on that team, even more important than Chase, like Adrian.

    my opinion…when you do what Utley does, there are repercussions that will probably affect your teammates. NO ONE likes getting hit with 97 or 98 mph fastballs.

    more brutal honesty?…Joe Torre knows damn well, it was a sleazy play, and if he had been managing the Mets, he would have been up in arms and out on the field, immediately following the play, moaning and groaning about how grimy it was. And something tells me, someone like him would incite his owner to get the rule changed, much like Brian Sabean did, when Posey was hurt, and a new rule was implemented soon after.

    Ive seen a whole lot of catchers who werent “important” in the big scheme of things…guys who were just solid ballplayers, not superstars (Gary Bennett comes to mind, getting freightrained by Brian Jordan yrs ago)…there was no notion to change the rule, when Gary (playing for the Padres at the time) got run over. And on top of that, Bennett’s injury was actually the thing that motivated him to use PEDs so that he could get back to playing sooner, than he would have with a completely destroyed knee. Gary was a career back up, who never got “filthy rich” playing the game. And no one cares about him, or remembers him, for the most part.

    Baseball, is a beautiful sport, no doubt…it encompasses a little and a lot of things that you see in some of the more physical sports, that we know of…and its also a very graceful sport, as well. But when it comes to “politics”, it never ceases to amaze me, how this same game, looks away from the lesser player, for lack of a better word..and always seems to look out for the more well known players (Utley)

    so again, if that SS was Jeter, Rollins in his heyday, Tulo, or any superstar anyone can name from recent memory, a rule change is probably implemented as soon as the WS is over and done.


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