Advantage who? Cubs-Cardinals Game 3 Preview

The series will shift back to Wrigley in what may be the most interesting game of the entire series. After winning their first playoff game since 2003, the Cubs will host their first playoff game since 2008. The Cubs carry the momentum after grabbing a Game 2 win, and will turn to their ace looking for the series lead. Jake Arrieta has been nothing short of dominant this season, and will look to shut down the potent Cardinals offense in Game 3. His opponent, will be 24-year-old Michael Wacha. Wacha put up solid numbers this past season, but the biggest intrigue in the young righty is whether or not he can rekindle his 2013 playoff magic after struggling in his only appearance in 2014.

This game is going to be a tough, tough task for the Cardinals. As good as Michael Wacha may be, very few in baseball can compare to Jake Arrieta this year. The Iowa City native is going to have be brilliant, because even if his offense can get to Jake Arrieta, it won’t be for more than one or two runs. The Cardinals best chance is to take a lot of pitches and try and wear down the Cy Young candidate, and try to get to the shaky Cubs bullpen, all while having Michael Wacha control the Cubs bats. St. Louis is at a big disadvantage in Game 3, and could very well have their backs against the wall in Game 4.

Cubs                                                                                            Cardinals

  1. Fowler                                                                                 1. Carpenter
  2. Soler                                                                                    2. Piscotty
  3. Bryant                                                                                 3. Holliday
  4. Rizzo                                                                                   4. Heyward
  5. Castro                                                                                 5. Peralta
  6. Schwarber                                                                          6. Pham
  7. Russell                                                                                7. Molina
  8. Montero                                                                             8. Wong
  9. Arrieta                                                                                9. Wacha

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