Harold Reynolds Plans to Address Canadian Baseball Comment

Yesterday in game three of the ALDS between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays, Fox broadcaster Harold Reynolds had this to say about Canadians growing up playing the game.

Overnight, Reynolds became the most hated sports broadcaster in Canada. Of course, his comments set Twitter on fire with many igloo and maple syrup inspired tweets.

Canadian Hall of Fame candidate Larry Walker weighed in on the nonsense.

Other broadcasters were taking shots at Reynolds’ professional baseball career.

Sports retail stores were even getting in on the fun.

People love their baseball here. If it’s not the Blue Jays or the Montreal Expos, baseball fans are involved in semi-professional or at the University/College level. Amateur baseball has developed with elite travel teams like the Ontario Blue Jays who go to the United States regularly for showcases. Ontario alone is home to the professional Inter County League, and University ball has the Ontario University Athletics and the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association that host teams from schools across the province. The University of British Columbia has their baseball team enrolled in the NAIA and plays against American schools each season.

I am only speaking of a couple of provinces, but baseball in Canada has never been so prominent. This is part of the reason why Reynolds received so much flack for his comments. But don’t worry everyone, the man is sorry.

Time to re-adjust the focus to Game 4 of the American League Division Series, where the Toronto Blue Jays try to hold off the Texas Rangers today.


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  1. margaret conley

    maybe we should remind him that is was Canada that invented basketball, which they claim to be their game.

  2. Steph Durant

    Well, I’d rather he just be (more) honest and publicly apologize for being a poor, boring, unintelligible baseball announcer. That’s the main issue we all have with him.

    I mean, any dolt can say stupid stuff about other nation’s people. That’s forgiveable.

    But taking big bucks to perform such a dour, boorish job at sports broadcasting, that’s not.

    (Note — I said it here first — Harold Reynolds will today, amidst Game 4, do a dour, boorish job at apologizing for his “Canadians can’t catch” remarks. He never does anything less.)

  3. Spy Master

    Although I could be somewhat critical of Mr. Harold Reynolds commentary, I will refrain from doing so. I would prefer to uphold my superior Canadian standards of intellectual human behavior and just say…The first recorded game of baseball (bass-ball) took place in 1749 in Surrey England and featured the “Prince of Wales” as a player.

    Although the Americans assume baseball is their national past time, they did NOT invent the game. It has it’s origins in England and France. (Wikipedia)

    Mr. Reynolds, You missed that “Foul Ball” by a country mile. You can not catch either!!


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