I Want the Cubs to Win the World Series — And I’m not a Cubs’ fan

Look, I’m a Boston Red Sox fan. I’m a diehard Sox fan. I live and breath the Red Sox from April to the end of the playoffs (if they make it that far). But, I’m seriously rooting for the Chicago Cubs. To the point where I celebrate and go crazy when Anthony Rizzo, Jorge Soler, or Kris Bryant clobbers one into the bleachers. I especially went nuts when Kyle Schwarber put a ball into orbit after hitting it over the new right-field scoreboard.


Is it a problem that I’m rooting for the Cubs?

No, not really, and there’s a number of reasons as to why. First of all, the Red Sox aren’t in the postseason, so therefore I must ask, which team gives me a reason to watch with an emotional investment? The Cubbies of course. Second, I know what it’s like to be cursed with a World Series drought. My Red Sox had one for 86 years until they finally broke it in 2004. There was the Curse of the Bambino, the Bill Buckner “through the legs play” to lose the 1986 World Series, and of course there was just the year before, Aaron Boone‘s Game 7 walk-off home run to go to the Fall Classic.

It wasn’t 107 years, but it sure felt like it.

Most people would think that, for instance, a Red Sox fan would hate the Cubs because of Theo Epstein. For me, not at all. Theo ended the 86 year drought, and then won a second in 2007. He spent a lot of money, but was never really allowed to do what he’s now doing with the Cubs, which is to rebuild a team into a powerhouse, that we’re watching every night. You know, the same team that just knocked off the best team in the league in 4 games to head to the NLCS?

Also partially because of Jon Lester. He should still be a Red Sox, there’s not doubt about that. But I was never mad at the Cubs for paying more money than the Red Sox for him. I was mad at the lowball offer the Sox offered him during and after the season a year ago.

The Cubs just have that flare; that energy. That X factor that leads you to choose them to root for over the Houston Astros, the New York Mets or even the Toronto Blue Jays. All of those teams have energy, but the Cubs have something they don’t.

The Cubs were lovable losers turned winners in the span of less than one year.

The Astros and Mets were losers for a few years. The Blue Jays have been stuck in mediocrity. The Cubs have been losing for years. Almost 107 years to be exact.

For some reason, this season feels like THE season. Maybe it’s Jake Arrieta‘s dominance and his tweets about his nipple. Maybe it’s Rizzo and the rookie crew’s big flies. Maybe it’s just simply that unless you’re in the NL Central, there’s nothing to hate about the team.

Whatever it is, the Cubs are the team with the most momentum, defying odds on what seems like a daily basis.

I can’t hate them, and it’s a reason to watch a Sox-less postseason. A real reason.

It kind of feels like 2004 again.

I sense a dynasty coming.

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