I’m jealous of the Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs just did something that I long to see my team do. They won a series in the playoffs. As a lifelong Seattle Mariners fan, I forgot what it feels like to root for a team in October. The Mariners last made the American League Championship Series, the last time they made the playoffs, in 2001. Seattle won a record tying 116 games in 2001 and had discovered a Japanese superstar in Ichiro Suzuki. They lost to the New York Yankees four games to one in the ALCS. That was heartbreaking.

Watching the Cubs players and fans celebrate like it was 1908 was awesome. I want that feeling for not only myself but the great baseball fans of the Northwest. I want it for Felix Hernandez who could’ve signed elsewhere, but wants to bring a championship to Seattle.

While I’m not rooting for the Cubs or any other team but the M’s to win the World Series each year, I love how Chicago has been doing things. They bring in general manager, Theo Epstein, then they build through their minor league system. The final piece to the puzzle was getting Joe Maddon. The rest is to be determined, but a World Series trip is four wins away.

The Mariners just brought in general manager, Jerry Dipoto and gave him free reign over the organization. Their farm system is down, which Dipoto says is a priority to build back up. The next move for the new GM is hiring a manager who he can click and work with. I believe in this Mariners organization and Dipoto, but I also liked Jack Zduriencik. Nothing is ever easy but the Mariners have a good core of players and just need some complimentary pieces and leadership to go with it.

So for now, I’m going to sit back and be jealous of what the Cubs are doing. Because as it has been for a while now, next year is hopefully only a year away.

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