Fourteen-Year Veteran Pitcher Barry Zito Retires From Baseball

Following a 14-year MLB career spent in the Bay Area with the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s, southpaw pitcher Barry Zito has announced his retirement from baseball.

Through an essay from The Players’ Tribune he announced his retirement in his own words.

“My baseball career has been a mirror to my life off the field, full of euphoric highs and devastating lows,” Zito wrote. “I’ve been at the top of a rotation and the 25th man on a roster. I’ve started Game 1 of a World Series in one year, and I’ve been left off of a postseason roster in another. I’ve been labeled as both drastically underpaid and severely overpaid. I’ve been praised as a savior and deemed a curse.”

Zito finished his career after playing seven years with the A’s which turned into a mega-deal with the Giants across the bay for the next seven years in which he really struggled.

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images North America

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images North America

Many said he didn’t live up to his 7-year, $156 million contract with the Giants, but he did end up starting in game one of the 2012 World Series.

His career ERA slots in at 4.04 and he finished with a career record of 165-143.

There is no doubt that he went through his ups and downs in his career as a player, but it was how he ended his career, which was the fitting way to do so.

“I’m retiring today from baseball, but I’ll never be too far away from the game that made me who I am,” Zito said. He continued, “I am beyond thankful to be at peace with walking away, thanks in large part to my year of renewal in Nashville with the Sounds. My return to Oakland last month was a “cherry on top” moment in my life that my family and I will never forget. I will no doubt be in the stands on both sides of the Bay in years to come.”

He leaves baseball now to focus on his love of music and spend more time with his family.

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