Ten reasons to look positively on the 2015 Baltimore Orioles season

The 2015 season did not turn out as the Baltimore Orioles would have hoped. A 96-win season that saw the Orioles win their first American League East title and playoff series since 1997 was followed up with an 81-81 season. The Orioles could never get untracked. A five-game winning streak always seemed to be followed by a three-game slide. Win seven of ten, lose eight of ten. You get the picture. There were a lot of flaws in this year’s edition of the Baltimore Orioles, namely streaky, undisciplined hitting and abysmal starting pitching. There were bright spots, however, despite what my Twitter feed would have told you at various times throughout the season.

Here are ten reasons the 2015 season was not a complete bust for the Baltimore Orioles.

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