Ten reasons to look positively on the 2015 Baltimore Orioles season

1. 81-81 is not good enough

From 1998 to 2011, entering the final weekend of the season with a chance to finish 81-81 would have been reason to pack Camden Yards. This year, it’s reason to throw your hands up in frustration, cross your fingers, and pray to God that you can get a decent return for your tickets on StubHub. An 81-81 season is a disappointment for franchises that are used to winning. The Baltimore Orioles were not that type of franchise for nearly two decades. It’s good to be back at that point. The sting of an 81-81 record is real. Finishing exactly .500 is disappointing, but in years past, even having a shot at .500 would have been reason for joyous celebration and a possible parade down Eutaw Street.

The Orioles did not have the type of year in 2015 that we have come to expect from them the past four seasons, but the ride doesn’t have to end. There were plenty of positives to take away from the year.

I’ll say it once more. Peter, open the checkbook.

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