Ten reasons to look positively on the 2015 Baltimore Orioles season

4. Schoop is dchoop.

Jonathan Schoop was overmatched as a rookie. He batted .209 in 137 games and drew just 13 walks against 122 strikeouts. While Schoop mostly struggled to put the ball in play during his rookie season, he did show the ability to run into an inside fastball, hitting 16 home runs and driving in 45.

Schoop nearly replicated those power numbers in just 86 games in 2015. A knee injury kept Schoop out of the lineup for most of the first half, but that did not hinder his development. The big second baseman hit 15 home runs and drove in 39 in only 305 at-bats. Schoop’s plate discipline made big leaps this year. While he’s no longer chasing everything thrown his way, there is still room for improvement. Schoop’s nine walks in 86 games is still nothing to write home about. When he slumps, he really slumps, as he has no way to reach base other than a hit.

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