2016 wish list: Seattle Mariners

1.) A young, talented outfielder

One thing Dipoto talked about is getting an athletic team to compete in spacious SafeCo Field. That being said first up on my list, Jackie Bradley Jr.

Under the previous management, it was rumored the Boston Red Sox offered Bradley to the M’s, but Boston later denied the rumors. Bradley is one of the top defensive outfielders in the league and comes equipped with a cannon for a right arm. He played well in 74 games last season after struggling his first two years he saw big league action. He would roam centerfield with ease in SafeCo. This is a move, I think, Felix Hernandez would approve of. While we’re trading with the Red Sox, I’d look to snag Allen Craig as well. Craig has struggled since his All-Star season in 2013 with the St. Louis Cardinals. Craig has battled injuries, low batting average and limited playing time since being traded to the Red Sox. Boston is rumored to be shopping Craig and now might be a time to take a flyer and try to pencil him in at first base. Craig just turned 31-years-old and is signed through 2017 with a team option.

While you’d be giving up a young gun, I’d center a package around James Paxton for Jackie Bradley and Allen Craig.

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