Five Candidates To Replace Don Mattingly

[tps_title]1. Dave Martinez —  Chicago Cubs Bench Coach[/tps_title]

Martinez, 51, is both a former ballplayer, like Mattingly, and is incredibly respected around baseball. Since becoming Joe Maddon‘s bench coach in 2008 (a position he kept when Maddon went to Chicago last year), Martinez has been linked to several managerial jobs, including the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals, and Tampa Bay Rays. Martinez is fluent in Spanish, which is especially important on a team that is rich in Latin American talent, including the gifted, but mercurial Yasiel Puig. Martinez is well versed in sabremetrics, and is familiar with President of Baseball Operations, Andrew Friedman from their days in Tampa. His lack of managing experience could hurt Martinez’s chances, but Martinez is the early favorite.

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