Five Candidates To Replace Don Mattingly

[tps_title]4. Raul Ibanez –– Retired Player[/tps_title]

Like Kapler, Ibanez isn’t exactly experienced as a coach, and only retired after last season. However, more and more teams have placed less emphasis coaching experience, the Rangers, Rays, Brewers, and White Sox are led by a manager who never had prior managing experience. As a member of the Royals in 2014, Ibanez organized a players-only meeting during a particularly tough stretch, and help revitalize a sub-.500 team and led them to the American League pennant. Ibanez interviewed for the Tampa Bay Rays vacancy after Joe Maddon left, before that job went to Kevin Cash (who also didn’t have prior managing experience).  Ibanez is currently an analyst for Fox Sports, and certainly has the ability to be an effective manager.

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