2016 Offseason Wishlist: St. Louis Cardinals


Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

1. Extend Jason Heyward ASAP

Empty a dump truck full of money onto his porch, hand him a blank check, empty bags of money from a blimp with his face on it, whatever it takes, Mozeliak has to do whatever he needs to to extend the 26-year-old outfielder.

While Heyward didn’t post big power numbers (only 13 home runs), he still was an effective player slashing .293/.359/.439 and providing his usual stellar defense in the outfield, which all told translated to a WAR of 6.5. Heyward will be a hot commodity on the open market given his age and tools, and at only 26 Heyward still has time to develop the power stroke to fit his 6′ 5, 240-pound frame. The Cardinals will have to open the bank account on this one, but as they will be paying for Heyward’s prime years it will be well worth it. Expect a contract along the lines of eight years, $190 million. 

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