A 2016 Boston Red Sox Wish List

3. Hand The First Base Job To Travis Shaw

Seriously, I hammered away at this one in that previous article. I am incredulous at the notion the Sox brass are still set on the idea of moving Hanley Ramirez over to first. Hanley can split time at DH with David Ortiz, split-dependent situationally, and then be a fourth outfielder and Gatorade distributor.

This one seems pretty simple to me. Shaw has shown the ability to handle big-league pitching and is, at worst, a serviceable first baseman defensively. As I already pointed out in last week’s article, Shaw is young, inexpensive and under long-term club control.

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  1. Kurt Strack

    A wish list without Sonny Gray?!
    I agree with a lot of that. load the bullpen with as much proven talent you can find, i have loved the idea of Zimmerman, i do not think Grienke in Boston is a good idea for him. I think Shaw should be the utility corner infield spot though, he was a great story but i can’t imagine Dave Dombrowski giving him first base for 2016 after such a smal sample size with how incredibly hot he was for like 3 weeks. Zimmerman and Porcello in my mind would work off of one another with those sinkers and 2 seamers, maybe help each other out. Aslo get big Schil there in the spring and teach those guys that nasty splitter, like he did with pap.

    • Gabriel D. Bogart

      First of all, thanks for sending a well-thought-out, logical comment. I shy away from Gray for two quick reasons. 1.) After all the backlash Billy Beane has endured from the Donaldson trade and the overall dismantling of the team, I doubt he’d pull the trigger on a trade for Gray. Which leads me to reason 2.) If he did agree to trade Gray, I think Hazen would be forced to empty a boatload of prospects and maybe a major league ready player. That, I don’t want to do. Gray is fantastic, though.


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