A 2016 Boston Red Sox Wish List

4. Sign Xander Bogaerts To A Team-Friendly Extension

Earlier this year, the Kansas City Royals signed Yordano Ventura to a five-year, $23 million extension; a very team-friendly contract. The Sox could be in a very similar situation with Xander Bogaerts. He’s had one really good year, so his side of the bargaining table has a little less pull. If they gave him five or six years, that would at least carry them into his first or second year of eligibility to test free agency.

The problem is that his agent is Scott Boras, so who knows if you can work a deal like this. Then, I’d honestly go out and do the same thing with Mookie Betts.

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  1. Kurt Strack

    A wish list without Sonny Gray?!
    I agree with a lot of that. load the bullpen with as much proven talent you can find, i have loved the idea of Zimmerman, i do not think Grienke in Boston is a good idea for him. I think Shaw should be the utility corner infield spot though, he was a great story but i can’t imagine Dave Dombrowski giving him first base for 2016 after such a smal sample size with how incredibly hot he was for like 3 weeks. Zimmerman and Porcello in my mind would work off of one another with those sinkers and 2 seamers, maybe help each other out. Aslo get big Schil there in the spring and teach those guys that nasty splitter, like he did with pap.

    • Gabriel D. Bogart

      First of all, thanks for sending a well-thought-out, logical comment. I shy away from Gray for two quick reasons. 1.) After all the backlash Billy Beane has endured from the Donaldson trade and the overall dismantling of the team, I doubt he’d pull the trigger on a trade for Gray. Which leads me to reason 2.) If he did agree to trade Gray, I think Hazen would be forced to empty a boatload of prospects and maybe a major league ready player. That, I don’t want to do. Gray is fantastic, though.


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