Ten Reasons to Look Positively on the 2015 San Diego Padres Season

[tps_title]10. Interest in Baseball is Back in San Diego[/tps_title]

Despite a poor finish to what was initially a promising season, the most important takeaway for the Padres is the fact that the city of San Diego is once again interested in baseball and in their team. The Padres front office will have some work to do to improve the product on the field and keep that interest up in the coming years, but the hard part is done. Preller and company drummed up more interest in the last year than the previous ten to fifteen years. Outside of just San Diego, mainstream sports and news outlets were talking about the Padres and about San Diego more than ever before. In recent years the Padres were one of the laughing stocks of the league, coming into national media attention only as the butt of jokes. The 2015 season marked a turning point for not only the franchise but for the city of San Diego. San Diego can be a baseball town.

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