Ten Reasons to Look Positively on the 2015 San Diego Padres Season

[tps_title]6. Justin Upton Was Fun to Watch While it Lasted[/tps_title]

If one thing is certain in San Diego this offseason, it is that Justin Upton will not be coming back to the Padres on a long-term deal. Even if Upton does leave San Diego for greener pastures (and by green I mean lots of money), it was truly a treat to watch Upton play for the Padres in 2015. Upton was one of the lone bright spots on a team that just didn’t click from day one. While not the best year of his career, Upton proved to the world that you can score runs at Petco Park and, more importantly, you can hit home runs at Petco Park as well. It was a fun year with Upton and the Padres will certainly miss his bat in the middle of the lineup.

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