Yankees 2016 offseason wish list

2015 was a solid year for the New York Yankees. Even though their season ended in the Wild Card game, they still made it to the postseason and competed against the likely AL Cy Young winner. The 2015 season also showed the organization and its fan base where the weak spots are, and the front office needs to act on that this offseason. While the organization needs improvement across the board, as every team does, this is the Yankees wish list for assembling a championship roster for 2016. The Yankees primary needs: second base, more pitching, and healthy bodies.

Second Base

The first thing the Yankees need to do is find themselves a second baseman. Ever since Robinson Cano left for Seattle, the Yankees lineup hasn’t had the same pop in it. Stephen Drew, Brendan Ryan, or Dustin Ackley aren’t going to cut it any longer. There are a lot of second basemen who will become free agents in the offseason, most notably Daniel Murphy, Ben Zobrist, and Chase Utley.

While the Yankees have the money to obtain these stars, a perfect fit would be Steve Pearce of the Baltimore Orioles. Pearce, a career .250 hitter, has the ability to hit for power as well as average. With 53 career home runs over his nine-year career, 36 coming in the last two years alone, he can certainly provide a spark for the Yankees towards the bottom of the order. Pearce spent part of 2012 with the Yankees, appearing in 12 games and hitting a measly .160. Pearce has matured as a player since then, and has moved from a fill-in guy to an every day guy for the 2013-2014 Orioles. Pearce will certainly be a step up from the disaster the Yankees had at second base in 2015 without having to overspend.

Starting Pitching

For the most part, the Yankees are pretty good in the starting pitching department, but adding one more arm would solidify things. With the rotation looking like Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda, Luis Severino, Nathan Eovaldi, and CC Sabathia, another veteran arm to have in Joe Girardi’s back pocket just in case of injury would be great. Of all of the starting pitchers available this offseason, Doug Fister would be the best fit for the Bronx Bombers. Fister, who owns a 65-63 career record with a 3.42 ERA, would benefit with the Yankees high scoring offense. Even though Yankee stadium is a hitters park and Fister is a contact pitcher, he can still give you 5-6 good innings consistently, and has the ability to pitch to a lead and his experience against American League lineups will work in the Yankees favor.

Relief pitching

Everyone knows of the Yankees set up man-closer combo of Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. Left-hander Justin Wilson will get more innings out of the pen next year, the Yankees could use a solid, hard-throwing, right-handed arm to really make the bullpen stronger. Joakim Soria seems like the best option for the Yankees to pick up. Soria, who pitched for the Pirates and Tigers in 2015, has averaged 69 innings of work a year over the course of his eight-year career. Soria could be the 7th inning guy, and really make the back end of the bullpen even more dominant. Soria was used as a closer for most of his career, but the Pirates didn’t use him as such and he flourished. Soria posted a 2.03 ERA after being traded, it was his lowest since 2010, when he was an All-Star. Soria can be the arm that allows the Yankees to stay in games, as well as lock down some close ones.

A health pack

The Yankees were hit with the injury bug in 2015, with injuries to Mark Teixeira, Nathan Eovaldi, Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Tanaka, Miller, Carlos Beltran, and Pineda. All of these injures negatively affected the overall outcome of the Yankees ball club. The replacements to the injured didn’t produce, and were unable to live up to the standards that the guy in front of them set. The baseball season is long and grueling, and if they can stay healthy for the most part, then they should be successful.

The Yankees have the rare combo of having a talented team as is, and the money to go out and acquire the guy who can best fit what their looking for. By making a few additions to their team, as well as staying healthy, the Yankees can return to the postseason again, and hopefully make it further than the Wild Card game.

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  1. Norm Stansfield

    In the last two months, the Yankees platooned Refsnyder and Ackley at second. They combined for an OPS over .900.

    So I beg to differ that they should sign a mediocre free agent second baseman like Pierce. He wouldn’t be better than the Ref/Ackley combo, and they don’t need depth at the position either (they have Ryan as backup, already under contract).

    To be honest, the Yankees are pretty much set for 2016. If anything, they have an extra man in Teixeira. They should trade him away, and get under the luxury cap. Then, in 2017, they could spend big without having to deal with the 50% luxury tax.

    • Kevin Davis

      The problem with what you wrote is the fact that the free agent class for 2016 and 2017 does not have the impact free agents that the Yankees need. We need to bite the bullet now since it will only be two years before the mega contracts expire.

  2. Kevin Davis

    THIS ARTICLE IS FOR SUCKERS ONLY. TheYankees are an old team. Their impact bats are mostly over 35. We should expect their production to decline. We should expect that it will be difficult for them to stay healthy. Hoping that older players will stay as productive and healthy going forward is NOT AN ACCEPTABLE STRATEGY!!!! So, we need to sign Jason Heyward. he is 26 and an elite defender. Also he has his best years ahead of him. In many ways the pitching is just as unreliable. Our ace has a bum elbow that can blow at anytime. Our former ace is old and fading. None of the rest can go past 5/6 innings consistently. So the answer IS NOT ADDING ANOTHER MIDDLE OF THE ROAD 5/6 INNING STARTER!!!! THE answer is to sign David Price. He has three max years left and throws 200 innings per year. MOST OF OUR CURRENT EXPENSIVE CONTRACTS WILL BE GONE BY 2017. So “businessman” Hal will only have to bite the bullet for two years. Finally, the players we need will not be available in 2016 and 2017 so now is the time to spend the money. REGARDING 2nd base, Refsnyder and ackley performed very well. Does the writer of this piece LOOK AT ANY STATS AT ALL!!!!

    • riverrat

      Kevin, have you seen Price’s postseason numbers?? They are terrible!!! You sign Price to a $200 million dollar deal and like CC and Ellsbury, the contract will bite them in the end. Say no to Price, please.

      • Kevin Davis

        Riverrat i understand your concerns, but we have to view the totality of our situation. We have no one who can throw 2oo innings. Price actually pitched very well in his last post season start. Like Kershaw, I think he is ready to turn the corner on his post season results. He has three max years left before he becomes CC. That will give our young pitchers the time they need to develop. Let’s not forget that our current “ace” Tanaka has an elbow that can snap at anytime and Pineda has had health issues not to mention his inconsistency. So we need a real ace. Price would be my choice but there are other aces available.

      • riverrat

        Kevin, I would agree with you but the Yankees are all about the post season. If the team doesn’t get to the World Series, it’s considered a sub-par season Price is going to want at least a six year 200 million dollar deal. If you say that he has max three years before he becomes CC, I don’t think the Yanks can take that chance. The Yanks already have contracts like CC, Tex and Ellsbury that I think they’ve regretted signing. David Price is a good pitcher, but if the Yanks can only get three good years out of five or six, then they’re just saddled with another bad contract.

      • Kevin Davis

        Riverrat we are in a tough spot as a team Look at the competition we will have to beat next year….We can’t do it without reliable pitching. If we lose Tanaka to injury we cannot replace him. So how can we compete. Toronto Got Price and he was outstanding against us and the rest of the East. What is the answer if Toronto signs Price…or Boston….or California…. I don’t see an alternative that will replace the loss of our ace. I am willing to get three max years and a chance to be elite for the next three years. After that, price becomes your fourth or fifth guy but Severino, Evoldi and a few others in the minors may have formed the nucleus of a great staff. look how helpful Colon was to the Mets this year. But I like the fact you are thinking along the right lines. so if we don’t get Price, what is your solution if we lose our ace. I don’t think a middle of the road guy helps us remain elite .

  3. John Burns

    The Yankees need to get younger not older. Jason Heyward in right field would be the best fit for this team 26 years old experience and not yet even in his prime yet. A right fielder ( a very good one ) , left handed bat made for Yankee stadium . Jason would be my first choice , if I were the GM. He would be like what Paul O’Neil was for them. A corner stone for years to come. He’s a position player to build around. I keep reading they need a right handed bat. I agree, but not at the expense of letting the chance of signing Jason Heyward go. I hope and PRAY they make a wise decision and send a Ship Load of Steinbrenner Ship Building money to lock him up . It would be their best free agent signing ever.Not to mention a wise investment. They would sell so many Heyward shirts and jerseys along with the increase tickets sales. And for 2nd base maybe and old fashion trade some prospects or a combo of and outfielder and some prospects for say another Jason like Jason Kimball. Does anyone agree with me ?


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