Four outfielders for the Orioles to consider if Chris Davis goes elsewhere

Jason Heyward

Now we’re getting into the really big name free agents. While I have very little actual hope that the Orioles will end up signing Heyward, he is definitely a fit. The 26-year-old is going to get an eight-year, $200 million deal from someone. Why couldn’t it be the Orioles?

If the Orioles are willing to commit close to $25 million per season for Davis, why not use that same money on Heyward if the opportunity presents itself? After looking like a bust from 2011 to 2013, Heyward has flipped the switch back on the past two seasons. He is a solid defender with two Gold Gloves, can leadoff, steal bases, draw walks, and hit for power. In the right lineup, Heyward will probably get back to the 25-30 home run range as well. If that’s not worth $25 MM per season in this day and age, I don’t know what is.

Heyward to the Orioles is a long shot, but not as much of a long shot as this:

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