Six reasons 2015 was not a total failure for the Washington Nationals

5.) Trea Turner reached the Majors.

The second player acquired by the Nationals from the Padres, Trea Turner, got to the big leagues before the end of August. Turner joined fellow 2014 first rounders Aaron Nola, Kyle Schwarber, Michael Conforto, and Carlos Rondon in debuting only a year after being drafted. Turner reached the Nationals with a grand total of 194 minor league games under his belt, but did bat .321 before being called up to the Nationals.

Getting Turner some time with the big club at the end of 2015 was crucial for the Nationals. Ian Desmond will be a free agent this winter, and Turner is the future at the shortstop position for Washington. He’s shown all he’s needed to in the minor leagues to allow the Nationals to move on from Desmond.

In exchange for facilitating a trade between the Padres and Tampa Bay Rays, the Nationals got a future front-line starter and a potential .300 hitter at shortstop. Not a bad return on investment.

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