Top 10 Potential MLB Free Agents (PART 1)

Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer Press Box

Credit: Mitch Stringer / Press Box

#10 Ian Desmond: (SS) Washington Nationals

The shortstop position is one of great weakness throughout the whole Major League. There just are not a ton of quality shortstops available via trade and with that Desmond’s value should still be decent even after a horrible 2015 season.

It is rumored Desmond rejected a seven-year, $107 million deal before the 2012 season. He will not come anywhere close to that offer, but could still get a decent contract. Desmond brings a rare combination of power and speed to a traditionally weak-hitting position. He has 110 career home runs and 122 stolen bases in his seven-year career. He has amassed a 15.5 WAR rating in his seven-year career.

The 30-year-old shortstop is not known for his defense and he actually took a step back this past season with the Nationals. Desmond has a career .962 fielding percentage which is well below average. It is not clear if he will remain at shortstop or eventually have to be moved to second base or third base.

Desmond is making $11 million this season and that seems to be appropriate for his value. He will have trouble getting anything more than a four- or five-year deal at $50-60 million. He comes with great risk, but could be a fantastic addition in the right line-up.

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