Top 10 Potential MLB Free Agents (PART 1)

Mandatory Credit: Mitchel Layton Getty Images

Credit: Mitchel Layton / Getty Images

#8 Jordan Zimmermann: (SP) Washington Nationals

When you think of quality starting pitchers, the name of Jordan Zimmermann gets lost in your thoughts. He doesn’t have a household name, but his numbers are very impressive. The big right-handed pitcher will be in demand come this winter.

Zimmermann, who owns a no-hitter, has a career 70-50 record with a 3.32 ERA and a 1.159 WHIP in his seven Major League seasons. He has amassed a 20.2 WAR number in that time. Zimmermann has also pitched in 195 plus innings for the last four seasons. He has proven to be very durable after overcoming some injury issues early in his career.

The Nationals have a lot of free agents, and with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg on the roster, they might look elsewhere to spend money. The Nationals have both Ian Desmond and Doug Fister scheduled for free agency on top of Zimmermann. They simply cannot afford them all.

Zimmermann made $16.5 million this past season and will earn around that number on a five- or six-year deal. He could be a very hot commodity once the names of Cueto, Price and Grienke are no longer available.

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