iPhone Reporting: #WeirdBaseball

NASHVILLE, TN – This is Aaron Lunsford coming to you live from Barista Parlor in East Nashville, the most hip 2000 square feet on earth. I’m reporting on my iPhone so this post will most definitely be short and without much proof of genuine effort.

Last night, at precisely 12:00 a.m. Central Standard Time, millions of baseball fans across the world consumed ice cream to celebrate the tradition of #weirdbaseball in which a game continues on past midnight local time.

The Godfather of #weirdbaseball made a rare appearance on Twitter to alert the baseball Twittersphere and officially approve the consumption of ice cream. Kevin Goldstein (@kevin_goldstein) director of pro scouting for the Houston Astros, is believed to have started the phenomenon of ice cream consumption during #weirdbaseball years ago when he was still an active Twitter user. His absence from the platform is felt far and wide across baseball Twitter, but at exactly midnight central time, as Game 1 of the World Series headed into the 14th inning, the legendary tweeter sent out a tweet.

Truly a great moment in Twitter history. Unrelated to #weirdbaseball but definitely still weird baseball, there was an inside-the-park-four-base-error-home-cooking-scorekeeper-homer on the first pitch of the bottom of the first inning, a TV blackout reportedly due to Pete Rose tripping over an extension cord on the way to the bathroom, a controversial interference by the third base bag that was not eligible for replay review and lastly, Bartolo Colon once again proved to be a miracle of modern medicine as he did not have a heart attack while pitching in a Major League Baseball game.

Stock up your freezers folks. I’ve got a feeling this won’t be the last we see of #weirdbaseball in this World Series.

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