Top 10 Potential MLB Free Agents (PART 2)

Credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

#1 Zack Greinke (OF) Los Angeles Dodgers

Number one on the list of potential free agents for this winter is Zack Greinke. He is not a free agent, but has the ability to opt out of his contract which is three years and $77 million dollars through the 2018 season. A nice chunk of money and well within fair market value, but Grienke will surely want to come near the $35 million  per season the Dodgers are going to pay Clayton Kershaw.

With the season Greinke had in 2015 he will get exactly what he wants on the open market. He will easily get more than the three years $77 million, so its pretty evident he will opt out of his deal in Los Angeles. Greinke was 19-3 for the Dodgers and had a 1.66 ERA and an incredible 0.844 WHIP. The Dodgers with their $300 million dollar payroll will just have to open up the pocketbooks for Greinke.

The 32-year-old hurler has a career record of 142-93 with a 3.35 ERA in 12 years in the Major Leagues. Grienke has put up a 48.6 WAR in his 12 years and put up a 9.3 WAR rating in 2015 alone. He was all business this past season for the Dodgers and they will have to fight off other teams for his services.

The Dodgers are probably the most likely landing spot for Greinke although the Red Sox and Yankees both have pitching needs. Greinke is all about being comfortable and it seems unlikely that he signs in New York or Boston. The new contract will be at least four years and will surpass the $125 million dollar mark. Greinke would change the dynamics of any staff he joined, but he and Kershaw will probably be reunited for the Dodgers at the end of the day.

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