Could Bud Black Be A Sneaky Managerial Candidate For The Dodgers?

As reported by Jon Heyman of, the Washington Nationals and manager Bud Black could not agree to a contract. According to Bob Nightengale of, the Nationals offered Black a low-ball contract that was a two-year deal for less than $2 million, whereas former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Don Mattingly got a four-year deal reportedly worth around $10 million with the Miami Marlins.

The Nationals are now reaching back out to Dusty Baker, who was a finalist and told last week he would not be getting the job, and are now offering him the vacated managerial position.

So what’s next for Bud Black? The former manager of the San Diego Padres, regarded as one of the best managers in baseball, is still unemployed. With every team locking up their new manager for 2016, there is still one team in need of a manager and one team who seemed to be held back by their former. That team is the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Dodgers might be a perfect fit for Black. The foundation is already there, from the pitching staff to the offense. Buddy has never had a team with such talented players before and this would be a fresh start for him and a roster that has potentially 100 wins attached to it.

Bringing in Black not only helps out the Dodgers’ locker room, which appeared to be a mess during the NLDS, but being that Bud was a former pitching coach, it could also help out the bullpen which seemed to be the one area of the roster that was far behind the rest. He is a veteran who seems to give guys their space and knows how to control the locker room, create good chemistry, and control egos, seeing how he dealt with Matt Kemp and James Shields, among others, last season.

Knowing your divisional teams as a manager is huge. Black wouldn’t be leaving the National League West and he would already be one step ahead of anyone new that the Dodgers would decide to bring in. This potential move makes the most sense for both the Dodgers and Black. Black could also be like the guy he took the job from in 2007, Bruce Bochy, and sail off to another team, winning multiple World Series titles in the process.

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  1. David Witmer

    Baker exposed himself as an idiot when he put Worrell in to close against the Angels in the World Series.It cost the Giants the Championship.
    My little brother sucks and he got 5 hits off of Worrell in a scouting league game early in Worrell’s career.
    Baker has bad judgment.They will never win the World Series with Baker at the helm.


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