San Francisco Giants offseason wish list

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

2.) Finding a centerfielder

Angel Pagan is a puzzle. From Opening Day until August 8, he slashed .258/.290/.308 with a negative fWAR, the worst bWAR in baseball, and was arguably the worst defensive center fielder. It was said all along that he was dealing with injuries, but Bruce Bochy kept playing him over the superior Gregor Blanco. After coming back from the DL September 1, Pagan slashed .276/.346/.416 in 127 plate appearances. Which Pagan will the Giants get in 2016? Probably best to move away from the 34-year-old.

Juan Lagares might be had in a trade if the Mets re-sign Yoenis Cespedes, especially since it’s been reported that Lagares has had some arm problems.

Dexter Fowler and Colby Rasmus are free agent centerfielders who haven’t been known to be extraordinary defensively. There’s a possibility to acquire a left fielder like Brett Gardner, Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist then use Blanco in center.

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  1. johnwstaff10

    The S.F. Giants need to let go of their the most injury prone players…while they are have some value…Sitting on the DL Bench most of the year is not help win games…or keep the morale high…for the other players!…Giant management need to be focused before Spring Training 2016…Go S.F. Giants in 2016!


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