San Francisco Giants offseason wish list

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

3.) Look into extensions for Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt

Belt was a Super Two in 2014, so this will be his third year of arbitration. MLB Trade Rumors projects him to make $6.2MM and Crawford to make $5.7MM in his second year of arbitration. The club could buyout each of their last seasons of arbitration then buyout two or three free agent seasons. It would be expensive, but it’s difficult to find top shortstops and cheap above average first basemen.

Second baseman Joe Panik is a different story because he has played well enough to get an extension, but had back problems in 2015. Maybe he would sign a team friendly extension for financial security if his back problems linger, but it doesn’t seem likely.

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  1. johnwstaff10

    The S.F. Giants need to let go of their the most injury prone players…while they are have some value…Sitting on the DL Bench most of the year is not help win games…or keep the morale high…for the other players!…Giant management need to be focused before Spring Training 2016…Go S.F. Giants in 2016!


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