Colorado Rockies 2016 Wish List

After yet another abysmal season in 2015, the Rockies appear to not have much hope of contention in 2016 or even 2017. Despite this bleak outlook, the Rockies are a team that does have a substantial amount of young talent. From major league talent like Nolan Arenado, Corey Dickerson, Charlie Blackmon, DJ LeMahieu and others, to minor league pitching and hitting talent such as Jeff Hoffman and David Dahl, the Rockies are not nearly as bad as their outlook appears. With a smart offseason, this is a team that is clearly on the upswing, especially after moving on from Troy Tulowitzki this season.

What follows is a list of five things that should be on the Rockies offseason wish list to turn the corner from lovable loser to possible contender.

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  1. Jorge Macias

    Sign Nolan Arenando but keep costs low? Do you guys know who his agent is haha smh


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