Tampa Bay Rays offseason wish list


(Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America)

With a new television contract worth millions on the horizon, the Rays may be able to loosen the purse strings. For 2016, it still is more of a wish, or wishful thinking. It has been reported that in 2016 the payroll likely will not exceed the $72 million the Rays had in 2015. If anything, it could be much lower. This will drive what the team can do on the open market or through a trade.

The team has operated with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball over the last few years. Whether it’s an overall philosophy driven by a specific business model (29% increase in franchise value) or due to the low attendance (i.e stadium issue) which results in their revenue being much lower than other teams, the Rays have had to be extremely creative when it comes to personnel.

So higher payroll is a BIG WISH, but what is the old saying??

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