Evaluating the most likely possible landing spots for Yoenis Cespedes

San Diego Padres

Committed payroll for 2016: $102.4 MM

Incumbent outfielders: Wil Myers, Matt Kemp

The Padres are likely going to lose Justin Upton this winter to free agency. That’s going to leave another hole in their outfield, only a year removed from a winter of blockbuster deals. A.J. Preller seems like he still wants to be aggressive, and trying to plug the final spot in his outfield with a budget signing does not seem like a move the young GM would make.

Adding Cespedes would allow the Padres to move Myers out of centerfield, a position he does not seem suited for. Matt Kemp is definitely no longer a viable option in center. Cespedes, though he may not be the best choice, has enough centerfield experience, and good tools. Cespedes just needs to be reined in by a good coach. He sometimes appears to be playing a million miles per hour in the field.

Offensively, Cespedes is very similar to Upton, with more speed. If Upton could handle hitting in Petco, so too could Cespedes. The Padres are likely to make some big moves over the winter, and adding Cespedes would not come as a huge surprise.

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