2016 Los Angeles Angels Wish List


Credit: Mark J. Reynolds/USA TODAY Sports

#1- A Lefty to Hit Between Pujols and Trout

The aforementioned Pujols and Trout are two of the best hitters in the game of baseball. They both happen to be right-handed, and it only makes sense that the Angels try to find a solid middle of the order hitter to bat in between them. The Angels have lacked that consistent left-handed bat for a while and they have a chance to address that need this winter.

Not since Raul Ibanez or Kendrys Morales have the Halos had a legit threat to bat in between the two sluggers. The Angels do have flexibility in where said bat could play the field. The Angels were a heavily right-handed hitting team last year and require more balance to be consistent. Left handed hitters will be coveted very much by the Angels, but where can they get some quality Major League talent?

There are many free agents that fit the mold in this season’s free-agent class. Jason Heyward and Alex Gordon would make great fits in between Pujols and Trout, and each are superb defensive outfielders to boot. The Angels would have to open up their pocket books in order to secure either of these left-handed hitting outfielders, but it could happen.

The Angels also have needs at second base, third base and catcher, but it is difficult to find a middle of the order hitter who is a left-handed hitter from those positions. Kole Calhoun took his game to a whole new level last season slugging 26 home runs and driving in 83 runs. However he only hit .256 and struck out 164 times. He is also 28 years old and not considered a prospect. He had a great year, but it would be unwise to expect the same production from the left-handed hitting right fielder.

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