Chicago Cubs Winter Meeting Goals

David Banks/Getty Images North America

David Banks/Getty Images North America

3. Determine Kyle Schwarber‘s role

If Kyle “Babe” Schwarber’s talents were still in question, the postseason answered those in full force. Schwarber’s offense is prolific, the power is raw, but the defense still needs to be developed. The Cubs are a better team when Schwarber’s bat is in the lineup. The problem is determining what position is best for him at this point. Schwarber was drafted as a catcher, but his mechanics behind the plate still need work. When Chicago put him in the outfield, he really did a fine job up until the final two games of the postseason.

The Cubs are not looking for Schwarber to win a Gold Glove. They just need him to play seven or eight sufficient innings before a defensive replacement is put in, which Schwarber is capable of doing. After all, the Cubs have seen their share of outfield adventures with the likes of Alfonso Soriano in the past. Things will be alright. If the Cubs define Schwarber’s role quickly in spring training, the “Babe” will put in the work, and the rewards will come at the plate.

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