Evaluating the most likely possible landing spots for Ben Zobrist

Over his career, Ben Zobrist has been a great get for any general manager in baseball. He is a guy that can play anywhere in the field except pitcher, and has literally done so since his debut in 2006. He can also hit anywhere in a lineup and is a switch hitter, which makes him a constant threat.

Zobrist’s versatility makes him a great pickup for any team, especially down the stretch and into the postseason. In 2015 between the Oakland Athletics and World Series Champion Kansas City Royals, Zobrist slashed .276/.359/.450 with 36 doubles and 62 runs batted in.

Zobrist also helped the Royals to their first championship since 1985, hitting .303/.365/.515 over 16 games in the 2015 postseason. Zobrist’s postseason numbers show that there is no moment too big for him.

With Zobrist, you know you will get a consistent pest for opposing managers, and although his age is starting to rise, the 34-year-old jack-of-all-trades, who will be 35 early next season, can still provide a spark for whatever team he signs with this offseason.

Zobrist is a hard one to navigate because he could literally fit in with any ball club. I believe that his versatility and consistent bat would be a great fit in New York with either the Yankees or Mets.

It is inevitable that Zobrist is the best utility player in the majors and could really boost any team that he ends up with.

Here are the teams with the best shot at signing Zobrist.

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  1. will

    What about the Nationals or Giants? No Desmond for Washington, no Aoki for SF, both would be logical.


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