Evaluating the most likely possible landing spots for Ben Zobrist

Chicago Cubs

2016 committed salary: $83.2 million

Zobrist could see himself in Chicago in 2016, reuniting with his former manager Joe Maddon. Maddon, who managed Zobrist through his first nine seasons in Tampa Bay, brought the Cubs to the NLCS in 2015. Following a defeat to the Mets, the Cubs are looking to get right back to where they were in 2016.

Zobrist could be a fit on Maddon’s squad, but a few things would have to happen. First, the Cubs would have to move young star Starlin Castro. With trade rumors already surrounding Castro, Zobrist would be a perfect replacement if a deal with Castro does indeed get finished.

Zobrist could also play the outfield in Chicago, especially if free agent Dexter Fowler decides to leave. There will also be a need for him atop the lineup. There are plenty of possibilities in Chicago for Zobrist, but we have to wait and see if they present themselves.

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  1. will

    What about the Nationals or Giants? No Desmond for Washington, no Aoki for SF, both would be logical.


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