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zack greinke

Ah, the off-season. That time of year where we play musical chairs with free agents and put all of our favorite free agents in our favorite team’s uniforms. Just imagine your team with Zach Greinke, or David Price or Jason Heyward or Yoenis Cespedes. Instant World Series contender. It’s what we do as fans in November when our favorite sport ends in October. We have five months to speculate on how good our favorite team will be and it won’t be until April before we get to see if any of our thoughts are actually accurate.

The Giants have two significant needs: starting pitching and a left fielder. The off-season has two loaded positions: starting pitching and outfield. It’s almost like next year is an even year or something.

Yes, despite Vegas having the Giants as 20-1 favorites for the 2016 World Series, Giants fans know that it’s more like 2-1. Giants fans have become a little delusional in recent years. Winning the World Series is immensely difficult and the proof is not only in the Giants missing the playoffs entirely in three of the last six years, but also in 100-win teams like the Cardinals not even making the NLCS this season. The Dodgers won the National League West three straight years, something that franchise has never done, and came up short every time. The Pirates have made the playoffs three straight years as well, but haven’t got past the 1-game playoff in two of them. Baseball is hard.

So how will the Giants get back to the parade route that they have grown so accustomed to in recent seasons? Buying expensive free agents of course. But who do you sign? Who will they sign? And will those players want to sign with them?

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  1. davcamp

    Wow. What a reach for page views to have to click to each assessment, only to find the Giants are after every top SP and OF.

    • Saltinuts40

      Did you read the title? It’s an article about the Giants.

  2. Conicher

    LOL…. in poor taste to get clicks by making it several pages.. oh well, at least I didnt have to watch a video ad, which I wont do. Meanwhile, people talk about Aoki like he wasn’t an incredible lead off hitter batting 302 with a 368 obp. We have seen the giants without a good lead off hitter, they are far more than an outfielder….Lead off hitters are very hard to find and Pagan has lost that touch.

    • Saltinuts40

      Poor taste?

      Every article that has a list does this. It’s a profile of 6 guys, so there are page breaks. Welcome to the internet.


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