The San Francisco Giants will sign…

zack greinke 2

  1. Zach Greinke

The prize of the 2015 free agency class is coming off a Cy Young season. Even if Jake Arrieta or Clayton Kershaw win the award, Greinke’s 2015 numbers were otherworldly. He put in one of the great seasons of all-time. He will be paid a mint to sign with whomever offers him the most mints.

The Giants just declined options on Nori Aoki and Marlon Byrd, leading speculation by play-by-play announcer Duane Kuiper to suggest that the main reason for the options being declined was to put all their chips into the middle of the table for Greinke.

Bobby Evans, the Giants General Manager, said he wanted to have the most flexibility the team could have heading into free agency.

Is Greinke worth the risk? Signing him would mean two things immediately. The top pitcher available is added to a rotation that features Madison Bumgarner and creates a similar 1-2 punch that the Dodgers had in Kershaw & Greinke. It also takes Greinke away from the rival Dodgers, which makes them instantly worse. That doesn’t mean another top-tier free agent couldn’t sign with the Dodgers, but just that it could be a strong rationale to go after the top prize.

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  1. davcamp

    Wow. What a reach for page views to have to click to each assessment, only to find the Giants are after every top SP and OF.

    • Saltinuts40

      Did you read the title? It’s an article about the Giants.

  2. Conicher

    LOL…. in poor taste to get clicks by making it several pages.. oh well, at least I didnt have to watch a video ad, which I wont do. Meanwhile, people talk about Aoki like he wasn’t an incredible lead off hitter batting 302 with a 368 obp. We have seen the giants without a good lead off hitter, they are far more than an outfielder….Lead off hitters are very hard to find and Pagan has lost that touch.

    • Saltinuts40

      Poor taste?

      Every article that has a list does this. It’s a profile of 6 guys, so there are page breaks. Welcome to the internet.


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