The San Francisco Giants will sign…

alex gordon

6. Alex Gordon

Gordon is a gold glove left fielder who may have hit the biggest home run in Royals’ history this October. He declined his player option this week, so he is now a free agent, and his age may be the only red flag heading into the winter. Will he remain productive in years four and five of a long-term deal? Will he be worth the money he gets offered to still be an elite left fielder and to still be productive at the plate? As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Free Agents aren’t worth it.

Does that mean that teams will stop overpaying for free agents? No. Will it mean that teams will be more careful about whom they offer big money to? Probably not. But when it comes to this free agent class, Gordon seems like a more reasonable answer in left field at a much more reasonable price than Heyward or Cespedes.

So that answers that one. The Giants will be signing Jordan Zimmermann and Alex Gordon and winning the World Series in 2016. I know we will all still watch the games next season, even though we know the results already because we love baseball, but it’s nice to have some piece of mind.

So the only real question now is: Who wins in 2017? It’s an odd year. I’m no good with odd-year predictions.

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  1. davcamp

    Wow. What a reach for page views to have to click to each assessment, only to find the Giants are after every top SP and OF.

    • Saltinuts40

      Did you read the title? It’s an article about the Giants.

  2. Conicher

    LOL…. in poor taste to get clicks by making it several pages.. oh well, at least I didnt have to watch a video ad, which I wont do. Meanwhile, people talk about Aoki like he wasn’t an incredible lead off hitter batting 302 with a 368 obp. We have seen the giants without a good lead off hitter, they are far more than an outfielder….Lead off hitters are very hard to find and Pagan has lost that touch.

    • Saltinuts40

      Poor taste?

      Every article that has a list does this. It’s a profile of 6 guys, so there are page breaks. Welcome to the internet.


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