Alex Gordon: Likely free-agent destinations

Kansas City Royals

2016 Committed Salary: $79.8 million

After two consecutive trips to the World Series, the buzz surrounding the Royals has reached a fever pitch in Kansas City. It’s going to be hard for management to cry “poor” or “small market” when The K has been filled nearly to capacity game-after-game. The Royals are going to have to start spending money to retain their former prospects who blossomed into All-Stars. Gordon is up first, but Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain, and Mike Moustakas follow closely behind him.

Hosmer and Moustakas are younger than Gordon, and Cain has more upside. Those three may be more desirable to Royals management than Gordon. Expect the Royals to attempt to re-sign Gordon, but if the bidding inches closer to $100 million as I expect it could, the Royals will likely bow out. Unless Alex Gordon is willing to take a hometown discount, it is unlikely he is back wearing a Kansas City Royals uniform in 2016.

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