Alex Gordon: Likely free-agent destinations

St. Louis Cardinals

2016 Committed Salary: $102.9 million

The Cardinals need to deal with Jason Heyward‘s potential exit before they turn their sights on Gordon. The Cardinals should attempt to re-sign Heyward, but if the bidding reaches eight years and $200 million, they may pursue him less aggressively. Should the Cardinals lose Heyward, Gordon is an excellent fallback option.

Gordon is familiar with the region, having been born in Lincoln, Nebraska, attended the University of Nebraska, and then joined a franchise located only three hours south of his hometown. St. Louis is a little bit further away from where Gordon grew up, but not much.

The Cardinals are the National League’s version of the Royals. Gordon would be an instant fit in the St. Louis clubhouse. Signing Gordon to a four-year deal may actually be preferable to Cardinals management, compared to an eight-year deal for Heyward. Heyward has had his ups-and-downs as a player, and committing for eight years is always tricky.

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