Alex Gordon: Likely free-agent destinations

Baltimore Orioles

2016 Committed Salary: $41.8 million

The Orioles are a wild card in this list. It’s hard to predict what the team will try to do if Chris Davis leaves. The Orioles could just as easily look to do a minor rebuild without Davis, or they could set their sights on a player like Alex Gordon. The Orioles could also see a small uptick in revenue as the television rights lawsuit with the Washington Nationals gets resolved. Don’t bet on that, though.

Gordon would be an excellent addition for the Orioles. He would be Nick Markakis before Nick Markakis lost all of his power. A five-year investment in Gordon does not seem like a bad one for a team like the Orioles who do still have a lot of the pieces needed to contend. The Baltimore lineup was missing a consistent on-base threat all year. Gordon would likely bat second for the Orioles, and would be a huge upgrade over what the Orioles used in that slot in the order last year.

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